The Syntech SW series washing units are formed by a tank equipped with piezoelectric transducers and relative generator that feeds and controls the functions of the latter.

The tanks used for the SW series are made of stainless steel sheet with interposed insulating material and equipped with thermo-regulated heating elements.
The small models are equipped with transducers on the tank bottom and fairing useful to contain the generator too.

The most capacious models can accommodate transducers on one or more walls combined with generators not necessarily located in the same machine.

For correct operation it is essential to use a washing liquid (water and detergent) for the removal of: grease residues, organic residues, oils, powders retained in the cavities of the components being processed.

They are suitable for various applications: surgical medical components, dental laboratories, mechanical parts for the automotive industry, optics, electroplating, watches, jewelery, electromechanics, molds, tools, surface treatments, small parts.