External dimensions (LxPxH) 330x270x350 mm

Tank dimensions (LxPxH): 300x230x150 mm

Tank construction material: Aisi 304 spessore 10/10 imbutito

Tank capacity 9 litri

Fairing: Aisi 304


Ultrasound power 250/500W 40KHz

Digital timer Adjustable    0 ÷ 90 min

Heating (300W) with 0 ÷ 75 ° temperature adjustment

Conductivity level sensor

Microprocessor frequency / power regulation with display

Continuous or pulsed operation

Degassing function

Total installed power 800W – 230V – 50/60Hz

Exhaust with manual valve

Manual stainless steel lid


Stainless steel baskets

Becker and portabecker

Stainless steel hooks

SW 9 L

Suitable for small laboratories

The ultrasound model SW 9 L has no moving parts; the components to be washed (contained in special baskets) are immersed in the stainless steel tank, on the bottom of which the ultrasound transducers are placed.
The tank can contain up to 9 liters of detergent solution, variable by concentration and type, depending on the type of product to be treated.

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