Agitation of the baskets in immersion

Low consumption of detergents and water

Cleanroom compatible installation

Built-in electrical panel

Variable number of tanks

Security cover with hinged door with sensor


Model:                                                 SYN 04                         SYN 06

Number of treatment / washing stations                             4                                      6

Capacity tanks                                                                   6 lt                                     6 lt

Tank dimensions (mm)                                        190 x 240 x 170               190 x 240 x 170

Machine dimensions (mm)                                 1400 x 1320 x 650            1780 x 1320 x 650


Loading / unloading area

Group of tanks

Drying group

Bearing structure and fairing

Robots for moving the baskets

Pre-drying station

Control panel


Reverse osmosis unit demineralisation system incorporated

External softener

Suction system

Customizable baskets




SYN 04 / SYN 06

Suitable for those with quality requirements in limited spaces.

The SYN 04 and SYN 06 models are very compact ultrasonic cleaning machines, suitable for the deep cleaning of various industrial components. They are closed and protected against contamination of ambient air, and use a built-in water purification system. The machines are composed of a series of tanks arranged linearly, interlocked by a multi arm automatism, which provides for the simultaneous advancing of all the container baskets towards the unloading area.
The stainless steel tanks are easily replaceable, and equipped with accessories suitable for specific use.
The washing process is automatic and includes a pre-drying system, while the loading and unloading operations of the baskets are performed by the operator.
All the cycle controls, and the parameter changes, can be implemented by acting on the displays, positioned on the front panel of the machine.
The SYN 06 differs for its adaptability in the composition of the tanks, with the 6 tanks the production cycle is more performing and complete, including the possibility to include a drying system.


Note:The Syntech service completes a report containing technical documentation of the installed machine.
Customers can thus suggest observations on design variants and allow the Technical Office to rework the project in order to obtain the most suitable solution.