With its forty years of experience, Syntech has acquired a know-how such how to deal with and solve any type of requirement linked to the precision cleaning a surface treatment in any sector of application. In addition to plants and washing machines, Syntech produces complementary units to perform different functions such as, the fumes scrubbing, filtration of detergents.


The mechanical sector is a wide sector that incorporates different washing needs with the specific need to eliminate: oils, organic substances and mechanical residues   in excess on the surfaces of the components treated.

This industrial environment requires very different design standards, the applications differ from small components (gears, micro turning …) to large components (molds, engine parts …) with the peculiarity of treating objects of complex shapes and different composition.


Eyewear is the sector where the washing systems have the specification   function   to eliminate organic substances, fingerprints, oils   release agents, adhesive residues and   of pastes used for polishing.

This industrial environment requires high quality design standards, washing applications vary between lenses and frames of glasses, made up of different types of supports, in metal or plastic.


The medical sector e   Dental requires special design standards for hospital-type washing facilities, dental laboratories, surgical device manufacturers, and must meet specific customer specifications.

Washing applications range from orthopaedic prostheses to surgical instruments, needles, endoscopy equipment, dental components of all kinds … because they have to meet both the specific customer specifications and the strict quality standards imposed by the sector.


The aerospace industry requires constant maintenance of its components, this industrial sector requires the design of washing systems for engine parts, turbines, car parts,   flaps, springs, door closing components and more.

Each phase of design and production of these plants is subject to integration in industrial contexts that have particular safety standards to be respected.


The automotive sector offers several industrial washing applications, engine components, discs and calipers and tubes for braking systems, lights …

The plants must respond to the specific customer specifications, respecting the process standards of large car manufacturers.


The electronics industry requires washing equipment and solutions for the treatment of wafers in silicon. In this sector Syntech with its wide range of proposed plants, offers customized solutions carefully following the strict standards imposed by the specific sector.

This industrial area requires the design of washing systems and components using plastic materials ( pvc-pp-pvdf-ptfe ) making them suitable for insertion into cleanrooms.

blades AND TOOLS

This sector, which ranges from large companies to small laboratories, requires a range of flexibility and components for washing specific accessories such as taps and fittings,   valves   for the sub sector, cutlery …

The specific washing requirement is that of   give the perfect cleaning to guarantee an extreme precision of the coupling of the components.


The watchmaking and precious sector   it requires a wide range of systems for washing components, ranging from precious stones, bracelets, necklaces, rings, watchmaking components such as straps, cases, lancets and gears.

The specific washing requirement is to eliminate polishing pastes, fingerprints,   and other impurities of new or maintenance products.


The sector   galvanic requires both washing plants   manual and automatic, lines of tanks, immersed transducers, ultrasonic tanks.

The specification of the ultrasonic cleaning requirement in the galvanic industry is to eliminate all the residues that remain adherent on the pieces and prepare prior to the subsequent steps ensuring galvanic   that there is no presence of impurities on the object.